Philosophy of Education

At Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy we seek to welcome and support diversity of ethnicity/race, religion, socioeconomic background, and/or learning style. Our goal is to educate children in a nurturing and supportive environment paired with the spiritual teachings of Catholicism. Catholic faith and service is presented in an age-appropriate manner, encouraging our students the opportunity to put the teachings of Jesus into action by enacting the virtues of Catholic Social Justice.

Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy adheres to the New York State Learning Standards to meet learning goals at each grade level – This includes participation in diagnostic state testing such as Terra Nova and subject based state tests. Teachers are trained to use this data, as well as information gleaned from ongoing formative assessments, to inform pedagogical practices. Thus, every classroom teacher works to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each individual student’s learning style in order to maximize his/her education. Furthermore, teachers utilize a variety of collaborative grouping strategies whereby students work together to find solutions and better understand material. Finally, whenever possible,teachers work together to integrate lessons across subject areas, connecting to real world experiences in order to engage and enhance student learning. Please visit our class pages to learn more about our programs and partnerships!