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Welcome to Ms. Loukaidou’s science class!

Queen of All Saint’s 5th-8th science classes incorporate next generation science standards and student-centered learning through which students develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and scientific inquiry. The science program integrates life science, physical science, and earth science. Students learn about the natural world through exploration and experimentation. They make predictions, ask questions, observe and collect information, draw conclusions and communicate their results orally and in writing. We also strive to make real the connections between the sciences and God’s natural order.

You can reach Ms. Loukaidou by e-mail:, or by joining “Sciene class” on Remind: instructions on how to download the app are here.  

Every-day Reading & Journaling: Students are receiving a book every week, which they are expected to read within that week and write about the section they read in their journal daily. Every Thursday they should bring their journals and books to class for review. More information about the program can be found  Here! 

5th Grade

5th grade is covering “General Science” throughout the academic year. Amongst other topics of interest, students will become familiar with the nature of science, earth science, food and nutrition, and explore ecosystems, engineering, and technology. Students’ goals include learning how to incorporate critical thinking during class and to work as a team.

We are covering: “The Water Cycle and Weather”

Exam/quizzes dates:  Exam on “The Water Cycle and Weather” Wednesday, March 28th

Readings: Lesson on Erosion (pages 231-235)


  • Page 9 of HW (back of packet)
  • Questions on pages 237-241

6th Grade 

We are covering: “Forces and Motion”

Exam/quizzes dates: Exam on Forces and Motion on April 10th, Tuesday

Readings: Lesson 5: “Free fall and Circular Motion”


  • Answer the questions in pages 231-233
  • Finish HW in pages 233C-E (due Tuesday, March 27th)


7th Grade 

We are covering: “Change Over Time.”

Exam/quizzes dates:

  • Quiz on “Rate of Change” March 19th.
  • Exam on “Change Over Time” Wednesday, March 21st 

Readings: Lesson 5: “Rate of Change”

Homework: 227 C-E (the whole book packet will be checked Monday, March 19th for completion)


8th Grade

We are covering: “Energy Resources”

Exam/quizzes dates: Exam on Energy Resources on April 11th,     Wednesday

Readings: Lesson 3: “Energy Use and Conservation ”

Homework: 196 C-E & Google Classroom Assignment



8th grade Science Syllabus 

7th grade Science Syllabus

6th grade Science Syllabus

5th grade Science Syllabus

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